Six Podcasts That Can Help Project Managers Excel

Six Podcasts That Can Help Project Managers Excel

How many times have friends pulled you aside to tell you about that fantastic new podcast that they just started listening to? According to, 50 percent of homes in the U.S. have individuals who are fans of podcasting. Whether it be true crime, small business tips, or personal finance best practices, there is a podcast for almost any and everyone. And, this also goes for those looking to beef up their knowledge of project management trends.

Podcasts allow you to learn on-the-go, whether you are driving to work, cleaning the house, or going for a jog. Basically, they are portable classrooms. No longer do you have to only go to conferences or workshops to learn something new—which is particularly useful during a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the cancellation of in-person events.

So, what project management-related podcasts are out there that you should add to your playlist? You're in luck! We put together a list of project management podcasts, so you don't have to! Check out this list of podcasts that can help you excel:

PMI Projectified

The official podcast from the Project Management Institute, Projectified is extremely well produced and should be immediately subscribed to by anyone in the project management world.

Each PMI episode includes deep dives and insights from veteran and new project managers alike. In addition, the Projectified hosts inteview leaders and decision makers from the world's largest companies, authors, top researchers and a broad spectrum of subject matter experts.

Getting Things Done (GTD)

Who doesn't want to "get things done?" This podcast, created by GTD founder and author David Allen, discusses tips and best practices for increasing your productivity and tackling and organizing your daily tasks. The podcast addresses topics like creating solid action lists, beating procrastination, creating a functional environment, and many other productivity-related subjects.

From time to time, Allen will also interview professionals about their productivity habits. It is worth noting that Allen will refer to terminology and resources provided only to members, but most of the advice is also applicable to non-members.

HBR's IdeaCast

The Harvard Business Review is a publication that comes out six times a year and is a Harvard University subsidiary. The topics typically covered are related to management, leadership, marketing, and workplace innovation. HBR's IdeaCast is a weekly podcast covering the same issues and will likely feature a current or trending news story to highlight a lesson or best practice. While this podcast isn't explicitly related to project management, many of the topics addressed are related to various project management-related experiences. For example, here are a few recent episode titles:

"Taking on a Senior Leadership Role Remotely," "How Many Managers Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb," and "How Empathy Helps Bridge Generational Differences." All exceptional points of focus for any professional moving through today's workplace.

Project Management Happy Hour

Sometimes, it's helpful to have honest and frank conversations about the realities of working in project management. Fortunately, this is what the Project Management Happy Hour podcast is all about. Hosts Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson discuss and address a current project management problem in each episode.

They reflect on their own experiences to offer personal advice, best practices, and a few entertaining stories. Also, since this podcast is a PMI Registered Education Provider, you can even get credit for listening to each episode. Those credits can go toward a Professional Development Unit certificate. How cool?

LEADx Leadership Podcast

As a project manager, you are likely doing as much leading as you are managing. And mastering the former makes the latter a little easier. The LEADx podcast, hosted by Kevin Krause, a New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur, showcases interviews from the world's top leaders that provide insight on how to level up your leadership skills.

Krause's interview list includes people like John C. Maxwell, Ken Blanchard, and a variety of other professional thought leaders. Topics tackled include tips on driving employee engagement, servant leadership, accountability, and creating models for innovation. If you need a leadership boost, this is the podcast to add to your list.

5 Minutes Podcast with Ricardo Vargas

Let's be honest. Sometimes, you don't have an hour or even half an hour to spare to engage with or listen to a podcast episode. Fortunately, Ricardo Vargas, a venture capitalist, and entrepreneur realized this and created a podcast to accommodate even the most hectic schedules.

His five-minute podcast quickly covers various project management topics crisply and effectively. From offering tips on minimizing the challenges of virtual meetings to recommendations on outsourcing, Vargas has created an excellent platform for those who want to learn but may not have a sufficient amount of time to spare. If you're strapped for time, this is definitely one to add to your playlist.

The Right Podcast Can Set you on a New Trajectory of Learning

Who said that conferences and workshops were the only places where learning and professional development can happen? Today, learning and development can come right to you on your computer or smartphone. Fortunately, podcasts can offer the training and instruction you have been seeking.

They provide the opportunity for you to hear from impactful leaders in the project management and business world either affordably—and in many cases, free. The beauty is also that you don't have to listen to four or five different shows to learn something. You can pick one and let that be a part of your daily routine. Again, the goal is to dedicate some time to your professional development, and a podcast can help you do that.

So, whether you want to brush up on your people management skills or learn about Scrum, there is a podcast out there for you. All you have to do is pull out your device, fire up Google, Apple, Spotify, or any of your other favorite podcast platforms, and tune in. Before you know it, you'll be learning something new and planning on how you will implement this new skill at your job!


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