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PMP Passing Scores & Averages

The way PMP examinations are scored vary based on the test performance. There are 200 questions on each PMP exam, and depending how you do, you will receive a generated “pass/fail” result score

After the “pass/fail” scoring result has been decided, the second level of scoring results breaks down your performance throughout each Process Group into one of the following three categories: Proficient, Moderately Proficient, or Below Proficient. Your passing score is based on how you rank in each of the five Process Groups, compared to average global rankings of other test takers and project management professionals. This is to ensure that the exam is fair as well as a way to provide global project management statistics and overall industry knowledge assessments. The recent global average of a passing score was dropped from 141 proficient answers to 106, as PMI (Project Management Institute) adjusted the test to make it a fairer assessment of professional skills.

The best advice anyone could receive prior to taking the PMP exam is to prepare. Study practice materials, take practice tests, and become proficient in PMP exam best practices.

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"It was really helpful preparation for my PMP exam, as I passed it on my first attempt. I would recommend PMTraining to anyone who is interested in taking the PMP Exam."
Ramya Sivakumar PMP
Merrill Lynch, USA
"The PMP study materials were excellent. The review cards, the study guide (especially the review questions), the Process Placemat, and the other materials equipped me to pass the PMP exam. I have found those materials to continue to benefit me beyond just passing the exam. "
Michael Taylor PMP
Houston, Texas
"The PMTraining exam service was instrumental in helping me prepare for the actual exam. The logical sequencing and structure of the practice tests, along with the post exam reporting, enabled me to identify areas of weakness and drill on those to increase my competency. I went into the actual exam feeling prepared and confident of passing on my first attempt. Thank you PMTraining; best $49 I spent in my preparation efforts."
Renard Rosas PMP
Sr Project Manager, USA